Development of Enterprise Data Analytic Courses:

Project Description: Two Enterprise Data Analytic Courses are being developed and added to the Industrial Engineering Curriculum at IME department in Cal Poly – Obispo. These courses are being designed to prepare Industrial Engineering undergraduate students for the job market that seeks individuals with machine learning and data analytic skills. Moreover, These courses leverage both the technical and practical strength of industrial engineers to focus the future Data Analytics IEs to contribute in the design of data analytic solutions that bridges the gap between problem identification and machine learning algorithm development.

Fault Engine Detection through vibrational signals: Study the effect of number of sensors and data reduction techniques:

Project Description: Vibrational signals have proven to be capable of Engine Fault Detection with a high level of accuracy. In this project we are studying the effect of number, and the placement of the sensors on the success of the detection. Moreover, we are studying the computational costs to figure out the trade-off between the possible accuracy rates and the needed computations.


  • Hadi Seif: PhD student at Mississippi State University
  • Adnan Idris: Assisstant Professor at The University of Poonch, Rawalakot
  • Amine Taoudi: PhD student at Mississippi State University
  • Kamal Jafarian: Research Assistant at DTU Compute